Bittersweet Symphony

by Anonymous

this morning i saw you on my pillow,
i smiled hello,
and peace came over...
the dream nearly lasted forever.

yesterday you said hi,
didn't we say goodbye?
you are the only in my heart;
we will remain apart.

i love bittersweet like i
love you; ecstasy and pain so sky high.
i rather not look at you to love you,
but still, i rather love you.


Anonymous said…
Fikri, you are sweet and bitter aswell. It makes you equal with everyone else. As your bitterness and sweetness are equal.
You can make someone feel sweet and bitter later with your bittersweet attitude.
Make up your mind, dude! What the hell do you want to be ?
Anonymous said…

make up ur mind...

but bittersweet also nice ma...macam durian!

cheers mate
Anonymous said…
durians are not bittersweet u monkey

chocolates are bittersweet ok

do u know who i am?

i can be anonymous in here genster,u will never find me

Anonymous said…
Fikri a.k.a Bugger
Fikri said…
Fikri actually means 'Thoughts', by the way. Just so you know...
Anonymous said…
Your thoughts are amusing rather than inspiring nor thoughtful.
Fikri said…
Anonymous #4: Well, I myself like the variety of life. Not always amusing, inspiring or thoughtful, but always a bit of everything. Or all three, or neither of them. Without difference, there is no meaning.