Round Hole Square Peg

There is a peg and a hole. The peg is square and the hole is round. It does not seem as if the peg can fit into the hole.

Or does it?

Just to make sure, you pick up the square peg and try to place it into the hole. You try, and you try. The more you try, the harder it gets, even though by now logic confirms it's not going to work.

Still, you want to make it work. So you try again. And again.

And then you stop. You wonder if another peg might fit the hole. Maybe a smaller peg. Perhaps even a round one.

Or maybe you need to change the hole. Maybe it should be bigger. Or maybe it should be square.

Maybe both. Maybe neither.

Maybe you just need to keep trying.

On the other hand, whoever said that you have to put peg in the hole?


Anonymous said…
Maybe you should try something else. Things that always fit aren't always the right ones.
Anonymous said…
Wow that was so profound...

Anonymous said…
Sounds like how you used to spend time during your internship ;)
Sray said…
Perhaps you should try circling the square :-).