Remembering What Is

What if.

One of the trickiest questions that is ever likely to be asked. And the trickiest part of that lies in its answer rather the question.

There is no answer. And there is one.

There is no answer because the question asks of us what would have happened. It asks us something that we, mere mortals, are not privy to.

What if...I had stayed in London?

What if...I never went to London?

What if...I never went to Monash?

Asking 'what if' conventionally will give us an answer that is limitlessly endless.

What would have happened? How do you answer that? Anything, everything and nothing all rolled into one.

I will never get an answer that will tell me what would have happened. I could spend years on end thinking about this.

But I don't ask the question conventionally. Which is why I think about it a lot.

I think about it a lot because I will never know what would have happened.

But I do know what wouldn't have happened.

I know that I would not have met all the wonderful people that have coloured my life in various ways.

I know that I would not have been through all the experiences that have made me into the person that I have become.

Thinking about what if...reminds me of what is.

The things and people who are important in my life.

And in remembering, it allowed me to cherish them. Which is why asking 'what if' gives me the greatest gift I could ask for.

The ability to remember.

To never forget.


Anonymous said…
fik, don't ask urself what if..things happen for a reason..God puts us in every circumstances for a very good reason..don't question it.. because u will never find an answer.
Anonymous said…
Din't play d 'what if' game..just accept things the way they are n be thankful 4 wat u have
The questions that started off with 'what if' had been on my mind lately. However, i don't want to think of an answer to each of them as i know, there's no solutions. What's done is done, i have no power to turn back time.
mattnoel said…
Well I reckon it's a simple & (quite frankly) brilliant posting to say the least; 'and one that is pretty self-explanatory if you ask me..I don't quite understand the postings being a little off-tangent ya..I hear you and truly agree (& relate) to this posting; thanks buddy for the forwarding of this posting ya?....