I was sweeping the outside garden of dried leaves and dust when I realised I had swept along something else.

A flower. A single, red flower. The same crimson stalk that I had written in a previous post (Hope Springs Eternal), when I supposed the idea that the flower represents hope.

There it lies, lifeless amongst the dross.

Does this mean that hope is dead?

*Apologies for not writing much recently. I had that feeling where I couldn't be bothered. You probably know what it's like.


Anonymous said…
Not Bothered ? Why? Hope isn't dead..You strongly believe there is hope
anna. said…
It's a natural cycle. Some things must happen to give way for other processes... the beauty of the flower must fade and die, fall to the ground, and give birth to new hope.

It's the circle of life, Fik. I thought you'd know what phrase by now ;)
Anonymous said…
I agree with you anna..You have to give way to nature for another thing to come in.. If you don't let go one, you can't have another one. Life is all about give and take fik...ciao
Anonymous said…
We are dead!!!

We are all going to die.