I Am Hurt

What is pain to you?

It is something that hurts us.

It is something that makes us squeal.

Makes us scream.

Makes us cry.

It makes us do all of the above.

It makes us do neither of it.

But why does it do that? Essentially, it is merely a state of the mind. It is something that exists only when we allow for it to exist. Therefore, we have control over it (providing that we have control over our minds). It is our slave, to be called upon at any time we choose for it to be called upon.

And yet.

It is our master. We shy ourselves when it rears its ugly head, double over in agony in the hopeless hope that it will simply go away. We spend our lives running away from it, from the moment we open our eyes to the moment we close them.

Even though we know that it doesn't work like that.

Which is why we run away from it.

But we do we run away from it?

Why, of all the things that we could have done, do we choose to run?

We run away from it because pain is a breaker. It makes you look at yourself in the mirror. And a lot of the times, you don't like what is staring back at you. It is an image of yourself as you did not imagine it to be before.

You thought of yourself as stronger, and bigger, and better than what you really are.

Pain takes all of that, and throws it out of the window.

But pain can also be a teacher. It teaches you about yourself: what you can and cannot do. It tells you what your limits are. Only by knowing your limits will you be able to do something about it.

To do something about pain itself.

It can teach you how to move the limits.

It can teach you to be more than you already are.

Which is why pain is our slave, and it is our master.

Which is why pain is a breaker, and it is also a teacher.

It is all of these things, and more.

At the same time.

What it is depends on who you are.

Therefore, the answer to the question of what pain is lies not in pain itself.

In fact, the question is not even about pain.

It is about you.