Thursday, May 05, 2005

Clone Wars


This is Farish Hakim.

He is the only other person I know to be named after me.

People say he looks like me.

No suprises there, then.


vava said...

Would u look at that?He's so beautiful...

KL said...

Now did you scold him Fikri? That's why he is looking with those large, beautiful eyes at the camera, but with a mixture of awe-and-don't scold me look? :)

Fikri said...

To Vava: Of course.

To KL: Yeah, I like scolding little kids, leaving them crying for their mommies :> Scampering little brats. He stepped on my balls once, which wasn't pleasant at all.

Wait a minute...did I just say that? :>

not william said...

i dont think he looks like you. he's more good looking for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

He's Gorgeous, Fikri.

Heartbreaker, this one.

Teach him to be a perfect gentleman, kay?

Thers's hope afterall, for our children...

unborn children... hahaha..


Anonymous said...

hmmmm.......can i take him

la puta

BenjI said...

I am being forced to post a comment, Fikri is sending behind me making sure I post up something...well anyways, the boy is so cute!! I can't wait to be a father!!!

not william said...

you are weak to be forced by fikri, unless he threatened to sing a song? then maybe i can understand.. haha.

Fikri said...

To Sarah: Yeah, don't worry about that. I will. :>

To Puta: The mother's away for two weeks in Mekah right now. So I suppose, technically, you could. :>

To Bonkers: The Force is strong in me... :>

To William: The Force is still strong in me... :>