Friday, February 28, 2014

Ain’t No Shortcuts Here, Boy… – Jalan Pintas

"The political subtexts, however, cannot be ignored, especially since the filmmakers have a background in producing texts laden with them. Namron, for example, produced and directed the likes of ‘Gedebe’ and ‘Gadoh’, while the aforementioned ‘Psiko Pencuri Hati’ (a more mainstream effort), still hits home with those who are keen enough to seek out such interpretations."

An excerpt from a review of 'Jalan Pintas' I wrote for Thoughts on Films.

Friday, February 21, 2014

That Bloody 1% – MCM: Utopia Milik Siapa

"Even more interestingly, he also tries to (re)position the idea of housing as a basic human need. Which, truth be told, it is. It’s just that when we think of human needs, we completely throw Maslow’s theories out of the window and think of poor people with no food. To own a house, and hopefully a home (there is a difference), is the aim, but we just do not necessarily realise how important and basic this is."

An excerpt from a review of 'M-C-M: Utopia Milik Siapa' I wrote for Thoughts on Films.