Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Think not of the times of yesteryears.

The wind from the East Sea grazed our skin, chilling us slightly as I sat cross-legged. Well, almost; the newspapers spread out did not provide for much space for us to begin with. I had found more comfort initially pulling my knees up to my chest. Alas, the passage of time eventually wore me down. My legs ached, I sought a new position instead.

Think not of those who are past.

The antics of the Koreans are interesting, to note. To the left, a group of rowdy filmmakers were shouting loudly. Clearly drunk from their endeavours, the flames are further fanned by their egos: "I am a FILMMAKER! I am a PRODUCER! I can make BIG THINGS!"

Think not even of the ones who no longer remain relevant.

The ajumma walked closely to us, having inspected us from afar. Inspected us for what? Why, to sell items to us, of course. Fireworks, beer, rice cakes, even folding mats to sit on. Not that many people had the tendency to plan ahead. But then again, this is the beach; you don't plan anything. There is no plan, really. There is, however, going. And there is the beach. There is going to the beach.

Beyond that?

Think, instead, of the future.

Beyond that, there is swimming, perhaps. You'd have to be a bit mad to even dip your toes in at this time of night at this time of the year. Not the coldest, certainly. A certain amount of shrinkage, however, would definitely ensure.

There is also the young blooms of love, of the starting point of an exciting affair. The first time the eyes crosses their path, the first time the heart flutters momentarily, the first words spoken in an almost nervous whisper...

...or just the first time a white guy tries to grab a Korean girl's boobs.

Think of the possibilities of a world without boundaries. Of a world where we do not change the past, do not modify the remnants of what have been, but instead...

Later on, I spotted the two of them kissing. "DOGGY!!" we shouted at them.

...instead, think of you, me, we...not change the world as it is now into something better.

Instead, think of how we can start a whole new world. Together.

And talking. Lots and lots of talking. Of life, of love, of the little things that makes things unbearable at times, and yet how such surprises keeps us guessing right to the very end. Endless, mindless, boundless talks.

Change nothing. Let it all go. And then start again. Right here.

Right now.

That is what happens at the beach.

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