Thursday, May 10, 2007

Take It From The Top

Q. If I go "La la la" on top of a cake, what do I become?

A. Icing on top of the cake. (I sing on top of the cake).

Ha ha.


Aaki said...


Youre getting better at this lameness everyday. :P

sidi said...

encik Fikri, Asian Young Filmmakers Forum kat jeonju tu dah jadi apa? website dia dah takdak. terimas kasih.

Szejia said...

Ommo saessangae! :P

Anonymous said...

Funny! I haven't ur lame jokes in a long time..


Fikri said...

To Aaki: Lameness is within all of us, dear :>

To Sidi: Just before I left Korea, we had a meeting with JIFA, and they said that this year's programme is to be done under the Jeonju International Film Festival organisation. JIFA, I am told, have been inactive for the past few months. You can try and look for information through JIFF or the Asian Cultural Partnership Initiative ( Good luck.

To Sze Jia: Thanks for dropping by, though it helps if I actually understand what you're saying... :>

To San: True that :>