Monday, December 05, 2005

Bear With Me…

Q. What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A. A gummy bear.

*Taken from Reader’s Digest.


surr said...

dear fricky,

Get a new hobby.


hmm but then again this IS you.

but still, get a new hobby.
[u know u wont cuz ur loving this thing that you do. urgh little sister advising big brother does it ever work?]

oh yeah,
YOU make me tea :P

efferstine said...

What's the opposite of product?

Amduct. Because products are for professionals, amducts are for amateurs.

Fikri said...

To Surr: Actually, I made the tea for myself. But I like to share it as well. So that everyone will get the Tea Virus (T-Virus, from Resident Evil). Mwahahahaha!

To Jo: Hmm. I think you can am-duce better jokes than that... :>

Susanna said...

Gummiessssss!! Love gummiessssss!!


Fikri said...

Yes, Santa Su. Let's not get 'stuck' on the gummies :>

trudy said...

amduct was pretty funny! hee hee :) its 6:50 am and the sun's peeking at us!

efferstine said...

So does that make my grandmother a gummy too?

Fikri said...

To Trudy: I can hear you laughter in my head... :> And I only got this comment at noon. Which means that the sun is no longer peeking at us, more like glaring down angrily... :>

To Jo: Depends on whether she is boring or not. Then we can say that she's a gummy bore :> Kidding. Don't stop writing about me now... :>