Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Moments in Time

Our lives are made up of moments.

There are moments of joy, of happiness, of love, but there are also moments of anger, of frustration, of bitterness and of despair.

And yet, it is these moments that defines us, the moments that will shape us into who we are. There will be moments when all else will fail. Our own will, our faith, we ourselves will be tested like never before, desperately crawling at the invisible wall we face.

And wonder what will happen next. How we will survive.

But then comes along the good moments. Nothing is forever, and nothing is truer than this cycle of temporality. The good shall replace the bad.

Moments of happiness, of joy, of love, of life itself, for these are the moments that we live for.

These are the moments that make it all worthwhile.

So I thank you now, for all the moments that we’ve shared together, the good and the bad, and for making it all worthwhile.

Above all, I thank you for being you.


coco_panda said...

coco_panda is here to reveal her secret identity.....

Guess who am i...

Susanna said...

There is much we can derive from the power of a moment, whether that moment be a treasured or resented one.

Only we need to ask God how to see it all in the right perspective. There is never a moment in life wasted, as far as God's concerned.

& so, like you, I'm thankful for everyone I know & everything that has ever happened.

One more thing (& I'm sure that you'll be glad to hear this), I'm glad that u're my fren, too :)

Ciaos for now.

Fikri said...

To Coco Panda: I don't care :> Kidding. Will check out your site later. It better say nice things about me, or I'll ask you to make coffee again :>

To Su: Well, we don't need to ask God if God has already given us the perspective to begin with :> But you're right, never is a moment wasted, for mistakes can be lessons of life, ones that will shape us into better people.

So long as we don't repeat it lah :> But then again, good or bad is a point of view (as my close friend and confidante, Anakin Skywalker, will testify).

I haven't been that good a friend to you. Not as well as I had hoped to be. But a friend I remain nonetheless :> Take care, Su.

Kinghamsap said...

feeling very gay today...

Susanna said...

Erm... I tagged u 4 5 weird habits. Check The Weird 5 post on my blog.

If you don't want 2 write about it, that's fine. It's just 4 fun lah :)


Fikri said...

To Kinghamsap: I thought you feel gay everyday... :>

To Su: I'll do it. :> Will check it later.

jules said...

Its all about those moments Fik....

Fikri said...

I know, Jules. Believe you me.